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Sroka Squat Warm up (No Measure)


Perform 1 circuit of the following:

90/90 kneeling glute squeezes x 10

Kneeling Cossack Stretch x 10

Supine Glute bridge (hold for 3 counts) x 10

Book Openers x 10

Table Top T-spine rotations x 10

Followed by 2-3 rounds of:

(with a band, hip circle, etc. Note: band will not leave knees for entire activation series)

10 m penguin walks + 5 air squats

10 m lateral walks + 5 air squats

10 m monster walk + 5 air squats

Technique Work

Clean from knee (4×3, work to 3 Rep Max, then 3 sets w/in 10%)

From in front of the knee, perform a full clean for the prescribed number of reps

Jerk + Hold in jerk receiving position (3×3, 3 RM, 2 w/in 10%)

Perform a jerk, and when receiving the bar, hold in the receiving position for the prescribed count.
Before this exercise do a set or two of 10 reps on the jerk footwork drill.


Back Squat (5 RM, 2 w/in 10%)

Push Press (AHAP, 3×5)

Superset w/ planks

Weighted Plank (3x60s, AHAP)

have a super friend place a weight on your back between your shoulder blades and the top of your glutes. Perform a plank
Superset w/ push press

Structural + Conditioning

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

8 minute AMRAP:

8 pushups

16 step ups (8 each side)

32 double unders

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