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Wednesday is the start of our next microcycle (roughly 5 weeks long).
Key Notes:
● We’re beginning to get back into olympic lifting and squatting. This will ramp up over the next several cycles and the comp track will eventually contain much more olympic lifting and strength accessory work. For now we’re introducing the movements back in.
● Continued emphasis on unilateral movements (Dumbbells, kettlebells, lunges, step-ups etc…)
● Continued emphasis on varied conditioning tools (carries, drags, pushes, crawls)
● Continued emphasis on strict gymnastics strength and skill
● Introduction of very high intensity sled work for competitors track (Thunderdomers)

Comptrack Notes:

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Warmup Deadlift Day (No Measure)

250m Run

:30s Per side Hamstring Stretch


10 Cossack Squats

10 Inchworms w/ Pushup

10 Single Leg toe touch (Airplanes)

30 Banded Goodmornings

10 Single Leg DL’s w/ empty bar


Deadlift (3 x 4 reps ( Touch and GO ) )

:30sec per side Hip Flexor Stretch between sets


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 minute partner AMRAP (teams of 2)

100 double unders

80 ​burpees

60 dumbbell walking lunge

40 calorie row

***Only 1 partner works at a time

Lvl 1: 25/15

Lvl 2: 35/25

Lvl 3: 50/35


Tabata Plitt Abs Part 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

2 Rounds

1:00 – Anchored Sit-ups

1:00 – Russian Twist (body weight)

1:00 – Planks

1:00 – Bicycles

Rest 2min

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