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Warmup Press Pain Free (No Measure)

250m Run

10 Band-Pull Aparts

10 Scap Push-Ups on Knees

10 Radno Rocks

10 Scap Pull-Ups

5 Hollow Pull-Up Holds

5 Superman Pull-up Holds

10 Banded Presses


Push Press (@50, 60, 70% of 1 rep max(should be fast and easy))


Metcon (Calories)

EMOM 12 minutes (4 rounds)

Min 1: 15 dumbbell clean and jerks

Min 2: :45s Max calorie row

Min 3: 10-15 Pull-ups


Core Tabata Mix-Up (No Measure)

DB/KB Oblique Crunches


Rocking Planks

Jack Knives

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