CrossFit Blaze – CrossFit


Sroka-le hip warm up: (No Measure)

with a hip circle or band around the knees perfrom the following:

1-3 rounds

10m Penguin walks + 5 air squats

10 m Lateral walks + 5 air squats

10 m Monster Walks + 5 air squats

10 x clam shells w/ or w/out band on knee depending on strength


Back Squat (EMOM 10 mins x 2 reps (start at 70-75% of 1RM))


Metcon (Weight)

10min EMOM

ODD- KB/DB Step ups 10 reps

Even – Double Unders 15 reps

Lvl 1: 25/15, 45 Singles

Lvl 2: 35/25 SOLO, 20 inch box

Lvl 3: 35/25 IN EACH HAND


Fin- Weighted Carry (No Measure)

500m Weight Walk Carry. ( Be creative. Use plates, Bars w/ plates, team heavybag carry, Log, Stones, etc)