Thursday Active Recovery

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Warm- LStart Total -BB Shrugged (No Measure)

3 minutes total

30 seconds of bike or row @ 75% effort

30 seconds easy pace


T-Spine mobility on roller for 2 minutes

Banded Pigeon for 2 min/leg


Overhead squat hold at bottom position – 3 x 10 seconds perfect hold


2-3 sets not for time:

5-8 Ring rows, focus on squeezing scaps in the back

20 seconds of front leaning rest on floor or on the Rings, focus on tight core and externally rotated shoulders

10 Perfect air squats


Back Squat (Find a heavy set of 5)


Stations: Chimera (No Measure)

3 rounds – 40sec on / 20sec off

Double Unders

V-Ups (RX+= TTB)


Sled Pulls ( Walk Side-Ways)

Row or Assault Bike

Rest 1 min between rounds


Fin- Agile 8 (No Measure)

Foam Roll:

1. Lats/ Under Arm Pits

2. IT Bands

3. Piriformis (Glutes)

4. Adductors to Groin

4. Quads

5. Quad stretch kneeling sitting tall

6. 10 x V-sit Rollovers

7. 10 x Groiners each side