Two WOD Tuesday

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Warmup Press Pain Free (No Measure)

250m Run

10 Band-Pull Aparts

10 Scap Push-Ups on Knees

10 Radno Rocks

10 Scap Pull-Ups

5 Hollow Pull-Up Holds

5 Superman Pull-up Holds

10 Banded Presses

Two WOD Tuesday’s

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Four rounds for max reps of:

30 seconds of Pull-ups

30 seconds or Rest

30 seconds of Push Presses (85/55)

30 seconds of Rest

30 seconds of KBS American (53/35)

30 seconds of Rest

For Rx+ do Chest To Bar Pull-ups and use 100/63 lbs barbell.
3 mins rest before WOD 2

Metcon (Time)

Three rounds for time of:


10 Power Cleans (115/73)

20 Push-ups

30 Air Squats


7 Ring Muscle Ups (5 for ladies)

7 Power Cleans (185/120 or pick loads)

7 Front Squats (same bar)


Easy abs (No Measure)

50-100 ab mat situps or GHD Situps