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Pain Free Warmup (No Measure)

Run/Row 500m

1. Ankle Stretch 30s per side

2. Squat/Hip Mobility Complex

-6 Groiners

-6 Frog Jumps to Praying Squat

-6 Cossack Squats

-6 Lunge w/ Twist over Knee

2.Overhead Mobility Complex

-10 Lying Handcuffs

-5×5 Pec and Pump Lacrosse ball roll-out

(5 Locations w/ 5 Pumps per spot)

-10 PVC Passthroughs

-10 Band Pull-Aparts


Strength Circuit C (Weight)

5 rounds

DB Bench x 10 (Increase weight after first 3 sets)

Barbell Curl x 10

DB Pullovers x 10

Rest 1-2 mins between sets


Metcon (Time)

For time:


750 meter Row

50 One Arm Snatches (total reps; pick loads)

25 Handstand Push-ups (15’s+ABMAT/10’s+ABMAT; first 10 strict)


900 meter Row

60 One Arm Snatches (total reps; 55/35 or pick loads)

30 Handstand Push-ups (25’s+ABMAT/15’s+ABMAT; first 10 strict)


Fin- Weighted Carry (No Measure)

500m Weight Walk Carry. ( Be creative. Use plates, Bars w/ plates, team heavybag carry, Log, Stones, etc)