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Warm Hammie (No Measure)

2-3 Rounds

30ft Airplanes

30ft Crab Walk

30ft Swooping Death March

100m Run

30ft Lunges

10 Band @ Knee PVC/Barbell OHS


Ring Dips (EMOM x 10mins of 5 Rings Dips )

If you cannot perform a ring dip scale accrodingly. (Banded, Ring Static Holds, Bar dips, deficit box dips or scale up to Muscle Ups or Practice)


Walk the Walk (Time)

500m Run

150ft Walking Lunge

250m Run

35 Push-Ups

75 Ab-Mat Situps (RX+ TTB)

35 Push-ups

250m Run

150ft Walking Lunge

500m Run


Fin- Bro All OUT (Weight)

Dumbell Kneeling Press 4×8(each Arm)

Chest Supported Rows 4×10

Arms Super Set 2 Movements 4×10

ex. Curls, Tricep Ext