Jason Anderson

Partner Saturday

CrossFit Blaze – CrossFit WOD Bowen (Time) 3 Rounds for time of: 800m Run 7 Deadlifts, 275# 10 Burpee Pull-ups 14 single arm KB Thrusters 53# (7 each arm) 20 Box Jumps, 24″In honor of Captain Jeffrey Bowen, of Alexander,… Read more »

Eating Out Wisely – A few simple tips

Many people I know love eating out at different cafes and restaurants. They love trying out new places almost as much as they love returning to their old favorite spots. They love trying new menu items and discovering new ways… Read more »


CrossFit Blaze – CrossFit Warm-up Pain Free Warmup (No Measure) Run/Row 500m 1. Ankle Stretch 30s per side 2. Squat/Hip Mobility Complex -6 Groiners -6 Frog Jumps to Praying Squat -6 Cossack Squats -6 Lunge w/ Twist over Knee 2.Overhead… Read more »

The Truth about Omega 3 Benefits

Omega 3 fish oils have received some negative publicity recently. There were scares over potential contamination in fresh oily fish by mercury, though this has been refuted as an overly exaggerated issue. And more recently, a meta study, which is… Read more »


CrossFit Blaze – CrossFit Warm-up Warm and Be Mobile (No Measure) 10-20 Reps of Each Movement Upper Body 1. Wrist Circles 2. Elbow Circles 3. PVC Pass Throughs 4. PVC Lat Side Bend 5. Hip Circles Lower Body 1. Book… Read more »

Bob Lopez – Member of the Week

Bob does a great job each and every week! He works hard during his workouts and at his job as a Manager. Even after he just moved to town he helped us during our gym re-organization, hopping head first into… Read more »


CrossFit Blaze – CrossFit Warm-up Sroka Squat Warm up (No Measure) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_-Topn_DGI&feature=youtu.be Perform 1 circuit of the following: 90/90 kneeling glute squeezes x 10 Kneeling Cossack Stretch x 10 Supine Glute bridge (hold for 3 counts) x 10 Book Openers… Read more »


CrossFit Blaze – CrossFit Warm-up WarmIcon – Barbell Warmup (No Measure) Easy AMRAP 8 min — Jog 200 meters — 5 Deadlift — 5 Push Press — 5 Front Squat — 5 Hang Power Snatch — 5 OHS WOD Metcon… Read more »

Max Monday for Calories

Today’s challenge is 1 minute of rowing for max calories ! Get after it ! Here is a video showing you ways to improve your rowing techinque.