JT Tuesdays – Ring Dip And Ring Row Video

Breaking Muscle Video – Traver H. Boehm     Working on the gymnastic rings presents a whole new world of difficulty in basic bodyweight movements. In this video I go over the elements of the ring dip and ring row –… Read more »

Athlete of the Week – Kelly Holmberg

Kelly has been a CrossFitter for some time now. Juggling her family and Blaze for the best. She always comes in with great goals to motivate her through a training season. “Kelly” 3 rounds 500m Run 30 Wall-Balls 30 Box… Read more »

Basic Tumbling Skills You SHOULD Have

  I’m all about lifting bigger weights. But I also believe you should be able to move well. It’s cool if you can bench press 400lbs, but if it hurts you to get out of bed in the morning, then… Read more »

Max Double Unders in 2 Minutes

This weeks challenge is MAX Double Unders in 2 Minutes !! Beginner – 20-50 Intermediate – 50-100 Advanced – 100-150 Pro – 150+

Negative Effects of Gluten – Foodie Friday

The Negative Effects Of Gluten Gluten is found in grains like wheat, rye, barley and it is classified in the protein family because it contains two main proteins i.e. glutenin and gliadin. The name gluten is derived from the glue… Read more »

Curcumin for Athletes- Thrive Thursday

As I sit here writing this article, my lower back is becoming tighter and tighter, reminding me that I did quite a bit of squatting today. Also, my knees are a little achy and my right hip is tender pretty much… Read more »

Real Overhead Mobility for Weightlifting

By Greg Everett    Matt Foreman wrote a flattering article about one of my lifters, Alyssa Sulay, last week and we received quite a few requests for more information about what exactly Alyssa and I have done to improve her overhead position. I’m… Read more »