Max Out Monday – Pull Up Challenge

  This weeks challenge is 1 set of Max CTB Pull-ups. Must be counted by a coach to count.   Last weeks winners for Max Bar Hold are Brandyn Kistner – 3:15 and Maria Jahnke – 2:06

The Importance Of Protein In Muscular Development

The Importance Of Protein In Muscular Development Muscular development is a complex biomechanical and physiological process which requires attention to your workouts and nutrition. The muscle fibers get traumatized during the workouts, and they need to be repaired through recovery,… Read more »

Cauliflower is the New Kale

Kale has been smugly sitting atop the trendy food list for years now. Celebrity chefs whisk it into eye-catching dishes, and fast-food joints name drop it on their drive-thru menus. It’s everywhere. But “lists” these days are ever changing—and there’s… Read more »

Athlete of the Week – Keith Sciog

Keith is a dedicated father and officer. He has been killing it lately! Here is a WOD for you. “Keith” 3 rounds 50 Situps 50 Skater Lunges

Breathing and Breath Control for Olympic Weightlifting

By Greg Everett Breath control is critical for increasing and maintaining the structural integrity of the torso while under heavy loads. The supporting musculature is alone inadequate—in order to adequately stabilize the spine, the abdominal and thoracic cavities must be… Read more »

Max Monday – Calorie Row

  Max Calorie Row in 2 minutes is this weeks challenge! Last weeks winners were Jacob Sousa and Dina Pancamo!

The Benefits of Ketosis

  Ketosis is the natural state of the body when fat instead of carbohydrates completely fuels it. This comes about when one is taking a ketogenic diet, which is a strict low carb diet just like Paleo diet or when… Read more »

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Take Precautions to Reduce Damage Most people understand that we use sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun. Too much exposure to UV light raises the risks of eye diseases, including cataract, growths on the eyes, and cancer. Growths… Read more »

Member of the Week – Mia Hyatt

Mia was one of  Blaze’s first people to walk through the doors. She has been apart of the family since the beginning. After having a child she is back and working as hard as ever to get as fit as… Read more »

Quick Tip- Focus on Yourself

By Greg Everett I vividly remember years ago when my wife Aimee was still competing watching her run home from the gym and get online to see if Natalie Woolfolk or Carrissa Gump had posted any new training videos. She… Read more »