Max Effort Monday

Today max effort movement is: Max DB Snatches in 3 Minutes with a 50lb for men and 35lb for women. Notes: No hand on leg for push off is allowed during snatches. You must alternate hands each rep.

Labor Day Hours

Special Labor Day Hours for 9-4-17 OPEN GYM – 8AM  Group WOD – 9AM OPEN GYM – 10AM   We Hope everyone has a great day !!

Paleo Nutrition For Dinner

Paleo Nutrition For Dinner Paleo nutrition consists of eating foods that existed in the old days such as leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, and seeds and doing away with refined sugar, dairy products, grains, and starches. The main aim is… Read more »

Intuitive Eating – The Non-Diet

Picky eater. Bored eater. Stressed eater. Cautious eater. Will-eat-anything eater. I’ve gone through each of these stages throughout my life. Picky, bored, and stressed led to body image issues as a teenager. Cautious helped me lose weight—perhaps not the healthiest… Read more »

Member of the Week – Pete Moran

Congrats Pete! You have been getting into the groove again. He is a long time member that always strives to do his best. Keep up all the great work! “Pete” 3 rounds 500m Run 50 Jump Squats 50 Push-Ups  … Read more »

JT Tuesday’s – 5 Ways to get a better Snatch

By Greg Everett As all of you who’ve invested countless hours smashing your heads against the wall know, there are a number of tricky elements to the snatch. I want to focus on just one of them here—the finish. The… Read more »

Max Monday – Planks

  This weeks Max Challenge is a max plank hold on your first attempt. Goals: :30s-:60s – Novice :60s-2min – Intermediate 2-3mins – Advanced 3+ mins – PRO

Know More About Paleo Nutrition And Exercises

Paleo nutrition and exercise should complement each other at all times so that the body can be meeting the daily physical and mental challenges. Developing a daily Paleo diet and exercise plan is essential for weight loss and improved health…. Read more »

Thrive Thursday – Daily Multivitamin

Click for more info or to purchase Four-Part Formula We already had the number one vitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplement on the market, and we made very significant changes and upgrades to make it even better. The CellSentialsTM are USANA’s flagship nutritional supplement: a combination… Read more »

Member of the Week – Susan Jones

Susan is one of our most consistent 6AM members. She is a cardio killer and loves extra credit core work. Keep up all the hard work !! Great Job Susan tribute WOD – 3 rounds 800m Run 25 HR Push-ups… Read more »