Max Monday

  This weeks challenge is a MAX Pull-up Bar Hold for time without falling :10s – :30s = Beginner :60s – 90s =  Intermediate :90s – :120s = Advanced :120s – 180s = PRO/Beast

How to eat breakfast for early exercise

How To Eat Breakfast For Early Exercise. Exercising early in the morning is a good way to start your day as it helps keep your body on the right track, regulates your appetite and speeds up metabolism. Pre and post… Read more »

Thrive Thursday- Gut Health

Thrive Thursdays are about supplementation and how to get the most out of it ! Last week we spotlighted fish oil this week is about healthy digestion. In the words of Mark Twain, “Part of the secret of success in… Read more »

Member of the Week

This weeks member to celebrate is Ruben Bedoya! Even as a business owner you can get your workout in! He comes in constantly to work on weaknesses. If you see him say congrats!  

Just the Tips Tuesdays- Lifting as you Age

Original Article by Matt Foreman Tuesdays will be our day for coaching tips. Here’s a great article on weight lifting and age. The idea is that even though your overall number of strength may go down if you started lifting… Read more »

Weekly Challenge

This weeks challenge is Max HR Push-ups to Plate walk in 1 Minute! Let’s see who’s got the most this week !  

Foodie Friday

CrossFit Post Workout Nutrition CrossFit exercises are the type of strength and conditioning workouts that one uses their body weight for resistance so as to build power all over. It focuses on functional movements which vary in intensity, and they… Read more »

New website and blog!

4 reasons I’m super excited about our new website and blog. 1. The Blaze team can use every opportunity to engage you, our audience, in the new website and especially blog design. 2. Ease of use is at an all time… Read more »