Blaze Fit Kids

Blaze Fit Kids is a great program as additional fitness training to take your child to the next level in sports or for the mini-CrossFitter in your life!

It’s well known that CrossFit is all about the musculoskeletal system and cardiorespiratory system, but what isn’t as obvious is the effect of exercise on the brain. CrossFit gives us a unique opportunity to enhance a child’s brain development. Essentially CrossFit movements cross-trains the brain.

The aim of our Fit Kids program is to help your children move better through physical activity, and to help continued development of your child’s brain at the same time. Athletic performance is solving a problem whether it’s moving your body through space or an external object through space, you have to solve a problem. And it’s not your muscles that do the solving.. It’s your brain.

Another reason exercise is so important is a child’s vestibular development, or spacial awareness, which stimulates an emotional center of the brain.

Classes are split in to two groups:
Puppies  – (Ages 4-7)
Big Dogs – (Ages 8-13)


Puppies – On hiatus until further notice.
Big Dogs – On hiatus until further notice.

– Parents may stay and watch or take the opportunity for a few mins of “me” time. Parents may also join one of our adult CrossFit classes. Why not take the opportunity to work on your fitness at the same time as your child does!?!

-Drop in fees or punchcards are available for both Fit Kids and parents!!

– Cost for Fit Kids is $89 per month for 2 days a week or $50 per month for one day a week. Charges are due each month on the date paid. Example: If you pay on the 26th of the month, your dues will be due each month on the 26th of the month. No contract is required. Classes are on a month to month basis. We understand how busy our kids are in Naples.

– Our Fit Kids Instructors are experienced CrossFit Level 1 certified coaches and CrossFit Kids certified.

– Please go to our Facebook page to check out our wall of Fit Kids’ photo’s.

See you soon!!

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