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If spinning class is the closest you’ve come to a group workout, then you’ve been missing out. At CrossFit Blaze we’ve created an inclusive team atmosphere that makes training more fun and helps push each member to reach their full potential. We offer 37 Group classes per week with classes ranging from 6am to 6:30pm start times.

CrossFit Group Classes are led by one or two of our Coaches and follow the posted “Workout of the Day”.  While these classes move at a quick pace, they’re highly scaleable and approprieate for most individuals. Each class starts out with a group warm-up, a review of the movements/lifts/workout being executed that day and includes lots of hands on help from our coaching staff to make sure you’re working in a safe and effective manner.

Group Level 1 – 

Designed to familiarize you with the movements we use most frequently, and build your general fitness base, our Level 1 classes are accessible to all levels of athlete!

You may attend any Level 1 session — for beginners we strongly suggest attending 3 times per week.

Level 1 classes are designed for the generally active and injury-free athlete. If you have significant health issues, injuries, or would just like a little extra attention, we recommend that you begin with a few private sessions with one of our elite coaches.

Group Level 2 –

Once you are comfortable in our Level 1 classes, we invite you to join our Level 2 program. These classes use more advanced movements, are more challenging and more intense! Ask a coach if you think you can handle the class before trying it out.

However we believe that it will typically take a new student 3-5 weeks of attendance 3 times per week in Level 1 classes to pick up the skills necessary to test into Level 2.

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