Herbal supplements for memory

With the advent of the information superhighway and the need for knowledge higher than ever, it can be difficult to cope with life when you have a bad memory. Luckily, people around the world have been using herbal supplements for… Read more »

Athlete of the Week – Diane Shaggot

Diane is in about 3 days a week religiously for several years. She has a wonderful spirit that lights up the whole room even as she is working out. She also designs some amazing hats as seen in this picture… Read more »

The Clean: Don’t Just Fall Down, Turn It Over

Article By: Greg Everett A refrain of mine I’m sure plenty of people are sick of hearing by this point is that in the Olympic lifts, there is never a moment in which you’re just letting things happen; you need to always… Read more »

Broccoli A Disease Fighting Resource

The name broccoli is derived from an Italian name ‘Brocco’. It may not be a favorite vegetable for many, especially kids but it has great number of properties to benefit your entire body. It can be stated as one of… Read more »

Vitamin Supplement To Treat Hair Loss: Zinc

Blaze’s Recommended Zinc for Hairloss Specific Product – Monat S3  One of the reasons that contribute to your hair loss problem may be insufficient nutrients. If our bodies lack the necessary vitamins, then it is not possible to expect that… Read more »

Member of the Year – Jacob Sousa

Jacob has been a member for almost half a decade. For the second year in a row he has had the #1 attendance spot for most classes attended. That does not count any of the second sessions where he was… Read more »

The Boring Part of Weightlifting: Recovery & Restoration

Original Article  Training cannot be effective in the absence of adequate restoration to provide the body time, resources and assistance to adapt to the imposed training stress. The foundation of training is the notion that by delivering the proper stimuli… Read more »

B Vitamins And Acne

How do all the B vitamins (b5, b6, b12, etc.) help acne? Unlike the other acne fighting vitamins that have been mentioned, the B Vitamins are unique. The B Vitamins include many different vitamins that are all clumped together both… Read more »

A Nutritious Diet while Traveling

Sticking to a nutritious diet while traveling can be one of the more difficult things to do. However, if you learn how to make smart choices, a healthy diet is really not that difficult. It’s probably not the best time… Read more »