Enzyme Supplements: Uses, Suggestions, and Alternatives

by Mark Sisson of Primal BlueBrint Original Here  Few would disagree that a Primal way of life advocates simplicity above all else. Nutritious foods, strategic movement, and an aversion to stress bordering on (healthy) obsession. This “simple is good” mentality works… Read more »

Athlete of the week- Juan Kisic

Juan has been working towards making his tennis game better at Blaze which turned into an entirely different love for CrossFit. He also made it on time for a whole week which is a PR for him ! 🙂 Keep… Read more »

Max Effort Monday. Another one bites the dust !

This weeks challenge is max wall-balls in 3minutes ! This is a very mentally tough challenge. Between last weeks challenge and this weeks are probably the hardest back to back so far!

Drinking water scams revealed

Read this article before you consider paying for your drinking water. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop poisoning ourselves with polluted or unhealthy drinking water? I, for one, felt that I would love to find a source of safe inexpensive… Read more »

5 Inexpensive Supplements To Jack Up Your Performance

Original Article by Bobby Maximus In my last article, I discussed supplements that assist with overall nutrition and wellness. These supplements focused on building a foundation of overall health – simple vitamins and minerals that help with immunity, energy, digestion, etc. In this… Read more »

Member of the Week – Dina Pancamo

Dina comes in 4-5 days a week before teaching locally. Some of our hardest workers are the teachers we train and Dina is one of the most consistent. Keep up the awesome work!!    

Featured Coach: Jeff Tucker, Part 2 – Patience And Caring

Becca Borawski Jenkins   Tucker first became involved in CrossFit after he opened Global Sports Xtreme (GSX), when a couple of his clients mentioned it to him. Six or seven months after we had opened, a couple people approached me about CrossFit and… Read more »

Weekly Challenge – Assault Bike !

This weeks challenge is a max assault bike effort in 2 minutes!! Here is a video of 1 minute. This one is tough