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CrossFit Post Workout Nutrition

CrossFit exercises are the type of strength and conditioning workouts that one uses their body weight for resistance so as to build power all over. It focuses on functional movements which vary in intensity, and they require one to have strong and fast skills which will enable them to reach high levels of endurance and great recovery. There are numerous benefits of doing CrossFit workouts, and these include better conditioning and versatility, burns more fat; hence the loss of weight, offers a stable support system and helps one exercise consistently.

After CrossFit workouts, the muscle fibers are usually damaged, tissues inflamed and the energy stores depleted hence the body needs to rebuild itself so that one remains strong and fit for the next workout. That is why, post workout nutrition is essential so that it helps restore the muscle portions that have been broken down and replenish the depleted carbohydrate stores hence fastening the exercise recovery process, improves the body composition and decreases hunger throughout the day.

Immediately after your workout i.e. within 30 minutes, you should take a fast absorbing carbohydrate such as sweet potatoes, yams or pumpkin and a fast absorbing protein such as lean meat and other foods that help build muscle. The best thing to avoid going past the optimal time, you should carry a protein shake to the gym and take immediately after your workout, then have a proper meal two hours after as recovery still happens then. If you delay taking a post workout meal, it will slow down the glycogen replenishing process and also affects your performance. The amount of carbohydrates and protein to take after exercise depends on the training intensity, length of workout, a person’s body size, and their goals. Post workout nutrition requires much planning so that you may get to see the results at the end.