The Benefits of Ketosis


Ketosis is the natural state of the body when fat instead of carbohydrates completely fuels it. This comes about when one is taking a ketogenic diet, which is a strict low carb diet just like Paleo diet or when fasting and the body is forced to use fat as an alternative fuel source. The body burns the fat and produces ketones which are released into the bloodstream up to a certain level where you enter a state of ketosis hence quick loss of fat in the body. Many benefits are associated with ketosis.

Ketosis ensures that there is an unlimited supply of energy to the brain and body, hence increasing the physical and mental endurance. You experience improved concentration, increases focus and stabilized moods as your body gets fueled to ensure that you meet your goals. Another benefit is that you get to use a lot of weight. This because the low carb and high-fat diet reduces your hunger and this reduces the times you eat, and there is also low insulin levels released hence carbs are not stored in the body. The burning of the fat stores to provide to the body with energy also helps in reducing your weight.

Ketosis is useful for medical supervision as it has helped reverse type 2 diabetes because the nutrition content avoids refined carbohydrates, which spike blood sugar levels and cause fat storage. It has also been used to reduce seizures, epilepsy symptoms and control epilepsy occurrence in children who don’t respond to drugs. It also helps improve HDL cholesterol levels and lowers the triglyceride levels in the body, hence reducing the chances of getting heart diseases. Reducing the carbs intake has a significant effect in lowering blood pressure, which leads to reduced chances of getting heart diseases, stroke, and kidney failure hence enabling you to live longer.