Max out Monday

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Warmup De Plata (No Measure)

:30secs per movement

2 rounds = 9 minutes

Push-up to Down Dog

Slow Air Squats

Plate Hops

Push-up to Down Dog

Air Squats with Hands Overhead

Plate Front Raise to Overhead

Push-up to Down Dog

Air Squats with Heels on Plate

Plate Counterbalance Squats


Rack City Complex

Build to a heavy complex in 15mins

1 Power Clean

2 Front Squats

3 Push Press or Jerks
* Before today’s metcon, we’ll have a chance to fine tune the barbell movements being performed in “Rack City” with a barbell complex

* The 6-rep complex is designed to be completed unbroken each time

* Build to something heavy for the day while maintaining quality of movement


Metcon (Time)

10 Power Cleans

30 HR Push-ups

10 Front Squats

30 HR Push-ups

10 Push-Press

30 HR Push-ups

Lvl 1: 75/55

Lvl 2: 115/75

Lvl 3: 155/105
*Choose moderately heavy barbell weights, but loads that allow you to keep each movement to 1 or 2 sets

*Use the same load for each movement, choosing your weight based off your limiting factor, which will likely be the Push Jerk

*The barbell starts from the floor for all movements

*Expecting this workout to take between 5-10 minutes to complete

*Make sure to stand to full extension at the top of the air squats, with shoulders – hips – knees – and ankles all in one straight line


Tabata Plitt Abs Part 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

2 Rounds

1:00 – Anchored Sit-ups

1:00 – Russian Twist (body weight)

1:00 – Planks

1:00 – Bicycles

Rest 2min