WTF Wednesday

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Warmup DeComp 2 (No Measure)

500m Run or Row

(30 Seconds Each) x 2 rounds

Single Leg Glute Bridges

Push-up to Down Dog

Glute Bridges (Two Legs)

Front Plank on Hands

Alternating Bird Dogs

Inchworm to Push-up


Full circle (Time)

For Time:

1500 Meter Row

100 Double Unders

50 Calorie Bike/Ski or Sub 50 Burpees

100 Double Unders

1500 Meter Row

If running perform 1000m Run ( 500m x 2)


Fin- Chest Arms Bro (No Measure)

3×12 – Close Grip Floor Press

3×10- Bent over rows

3×10- Bicep Curls

3×20- Banded Tricep Pushdowns