Throwback Thursday

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Warm up – Circus (No Measure)

2 rounds

1:00 Jump Rope

30ft Airplanes

15 Bodyweight Hip Thrusts

30ft Hurdle Step

20 Arm Swings (10 each Dir)

30ft Swooping Death March


Deadlift (3-3-3-3-3 (Work up no fails))

GainZ – Single Arm Push/ Pull (Weight)

Every 3:00 x 3 Sets, perform…

10 Reps each arm of 1¼ Single Arm Rows (1 full + ¼ from the bottom up =1 Rep)

–Immediately into–

-20 Smooth Reps of Standing Straight Arm Press Downs

1¼ Single Arm Rows:

Standing Straight Arm Press Downs:

Notes: For the Press-Downs, string a PVC through 1 or 2 bands off of pull-up rig. Use a tempo of 2s down, 2s up. Record band resistance or weight used.


Stations of Time (No Measure)

3 rounds

of :45/:15s Work/Rest


Situps (any variety)


Battle Ropes

Rest 1min


Tabata Plitt Abs Part 2 (AMRAP – Reps)

2 Rounds

1:00 – Ankle Biters

1:00 – Side Plank Reps Left

1:00 – Side Plank Reps Right

1:00 – Med-Ball Trios (R+L+Both)

Rest 2min