Our Facility

Conveniently located in Naples, FL – We’re situated in the back of an industrial complex, with plenty of parking, and close proximity to the beach… in case you want to follow up your workout with some beach time!

Our 3k square feet gym space is ideal for small group training, and we have outdoor space for running, sled work, tire flips and other fun ways to test your fitness.

Also Included!

  • Top of the line equipment such as ROGUE and Crossover Symmetry furnishes our facility.
  • Our powerful MacroAir 16ft fan generates massive airflow to help keep you cooler in the Florida heat.
  • We also boast a full bathroom with shower and private changing area, available to all members and visitors. (Please bring your own towel).
  • We are proud to offer our members and visitors extras such as apparel, supplements (SFH & Pure Pharma amongst others), food delivery service (Fresh Fit Foods and Clean and Healthy Eating by Chris Deluca), and a variety of beverages.