Member of the Week – Mike Holmberg

Mike is a man of routine. Once he starts something its hard to get him to stop. “Mikey” Immediately after getting out of bed perform 20 Burpees 20 Air Squats On the hour until the hour before bed    

Member of the Week – Mia Hyatt

Mia was one of  Blaze’s first people to walk through the doors. She has been apart of the family since the beginning. After having a child she is back and working as hard as ever to get as fit as… Read more »

Member of the Week – Pete Moran

Congrats Pete! You have been getting into the groove again. He is a long time member that always strives to do his best. Keep up all the great work! “Pete” 3 rounds 500m Run 50 Jump Squats 50 Push-Ups  … Read more »

Member of the Week

This weeks member to celebrate is Ruben Bedoya! Even as a business owner you can get your workout in! He comes in constantly to work on weaknesses. If you see him say congrats!  

Just the Tips Tuesdays- Lifting as you Age

Original Article by Matt Foreman Tuesdays will be our day for coaching tips. Here’s a great article on weight lifting and age. The idea is that even though your overall number of strength may go down if you started lifting… Read more »